Check the quality of your Arabic translation

Arabic alphabet and characters

The Arabic alphabet should display only the following characters. If your document is not showing correctly, then first check that the encoding for that program and font supports Semitic languages.

Arabic alphabet

Arabic grammar rules

Arabic nouns decline for

  • gender (masculine, feminine)
  • number (singular, plural, dual)
  • case
    • Raf” (Nominative)
    • Nasb (Accusative/Dative/Vocative)
    • Jarr (Genetive/Ablative)
  • state (absolute, determinate, construct)

Arabic formatting rules

First day of the weekSaturday
Working daysdepends of country
Short date formatyyyy/m/d
e.g. 2016/3/24
Long date formatyyyy mmmm dd
e.g. 2016 سرام 24

Arabic capitalisation usage

  • This section does not apply to Arabic.