Translate and localise to and from Tamil

Stepping Stone provides high quality technical and medical translation, website and software localisation services to and from Tamil.

Language roots and distribution
Further reading about the history, structure and geographic distribution of Tamil.

Tamil project teams
Our language teams are native Tamil speakers who hold a degree in linguistics and 3+ years translation experience.
A non-native speakers guide to checking your Tamil translation
The quality of Tamil translation is in the detail. Use our simple guide to check that your Tamil translation is up to the level. Whilst it's difficult to accurately check language style, it is possible to validate numbering and date formats, capitalisation and naming conventions and corrupted characters. If in doubt, let us do it for you.
From €0.12 per word
Get a real-time project estimation or send us the files for an accurate project quotation.
Medical and Pharma translation
Pharmaceutical and medical device translation including back translation for Tamil.

Manage, translate and typeset
Total range of translation and typesetting documentation solutions for your Tamil speaking audience.

Web, mobile and social content...
Create and translate targeted content to connect with your Tamil online, mobile and social media users.

String translation and UI testing
Prepare and translate strings. Test UI elements for the Tamil market.