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Sinhalese alphabet and characters

The Sinhalese alphabet should display only the following characters. If your document is not showing correctly, then first check that the encoding for that program and font supports Sinhalese.

The Sinhala writing system is an “abugida” where the consonants are written with letters while the vowels are indicated with diacritics on those consonants.

Sinhalese alphabet

Sinhalese grammar rules

There are differences between Spoken Sinhalese and Literary Sinhalese.

Nouns inflect for case, animacy, number and definiteness.

There are singular and masculine forms. There are three genders: animate masculine, animate feminine, inanimate neuter.

Spoken Sinhala has six cases: nominative, genitive, dative, genitive, instrumental-ablative, and vocative. Literary Sinhala also has a marked accusative case.

Sinhalese has an indefinite suffix used only in the singular (-ak/ek), its absence marks definiteness.

Sinhalese formatting rules

Short date formatYyyy/MM/dd
e.g. 2016/03/17
Long date formatyyyy MMMM dd
e.g. 2016 පශර්තු 17

Sinhalese capitalisation usage

This section does not apply to Sinhalese.

Solutions for Sinhalese

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