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Nepali alphabet and characters

The Nepali alphabet should display only the following characters. If your document is not showing correctly, then first check that the encoding for that program and font supports Nepali.

Nepali vowels

Nepali grammar rules

Nepali is an agglunative language, e.g. grammatical forms are created by adding various suffixes to fixed stems.

Nepali has no grammatical gender. The basic contrast is between animate and inanimate (non-human). However, natural gender (male, female) is marked.

There is singular and plural.

There are no cases, except pronouns.

Syntactical relations are indicated by postpositions.

Nepali formatting rules

First day of the weekSunday
Working daysSunday to Friday
Short date formatMM/dd/yy
e.g. 03/17/2016
Long date formatdd MMMM, yyyy
e.g. ३७टमार्प,ट९०३३

Nepali capitalisation usage

This section does not apply to Nepali.

Solutions for Nepali

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