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Korean alphabet and characters

Here are some of Korean characters. If your document is not showing correctly, then first check that the encoding for that program and font supports Korean.

Korean writing system, known as Hangul, was created in 1444. It is a phonetic system, where letters represent various sounds. The letters are combined into syllabic blocks, which makes it look like an ideographic system (just like Chinese).

Korean alphabet (vowels)

Korean grammar rules

Korean is an agglutinative language.

Nouns and pronouns both take case clitics and are not inflected. Gender is not marked.

Korean formatting rules

Short date formatyyyy-m-d
e.g. 2016-3-23
Long date formatYYYY 년 M 월 D 일
e.g. 2016 년 3 월 17 일

Korean capitalisation usage

This section does not apply to Korean.

Solutions for Korean

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