Check the quality of your Zulu translation

Zulu alphabet and characters

The Zulu alphabet should display only the following characters. If your document is not showing correctly, then first check that the encoding for that program and font supports Africa’s languages.

Zulu alphabet letters

Zulu grammar rules

Zulu is an agglutinative language, i.e., grammatical functions are expressed by adding prefixes and suffixes to stems.

Zulu nouns are classified into fifteen morphological classes (or genders), with different prefixes for singular and plural.

There are no cases.  Gender is not marked.

There are no definite or indefinite articles.

Zulu formatting rules

Short date formatd-MM-yyyy
e.g. 17-03-2011
Long date formatdd MMMM yyyy
e.g. 17 Ndasa 2011

Solutions for Zulu

Stepping Stone provides translation and localisation services for Zulu